The Murphy-Larsen Ranch offers home sites to special families who share a passionate commitment to protect this land, be a part of a true community, and preserve the ranching tradition.

There are 1500 acres on the Murphy-Larsen Ranch. The eleven home sites are located on the South Murphy-Larsen, a curving ridge that overlooks the Continental Divide. The home sites share an extensive network of trails that lead to National Forest and Wilderness lands. Homeowners have common ownership of the adjacent 875-acre North Murphy-Larsen.

This remarkable piece of land is bordered to the East by the majestic Mount Zirkel Wilderness Area; on the North by the wild and scenic Elk River; and on the West by cattle ranches that extend all the way to Sand Mountain, and thousands more acres of National Forest.

The Sand Mountain Cattle Company, owned and operated by Doug and Adele Carlson, and The Home Ranch, under the leadership of Brooks Bradbury, play an integral part in the lives of Murphy-Larsen Ranch homeowners. The Clark Ranch and The Home Ranch together provide trail and fence maintenance, snow removal and horseback riding facilities for Murphy-Larsen homeowners.

The wrangling, hiking, and fishing guides at The Home Ranch will be an invaluable resource for Homeowners and their guests as they explore the length and depth of their corner of the Elk River Valley.

We invite you to visit and explore the land and lifestyle of Murphy-Larsen Ranch. Bring your family home to a true Western paradise. Be challenged and restored by the outdoor adventures just outside your front door, and the beauty of your own breathtaking mountain valley.